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Welcome to Tijuana

It is a privilege for us to present to you this promotional tool that is the result of a great collaboration and excellent relations that exists between the business and tourist industry community of the city of Tijuana, Baja California.

We are so excited and pleased to receive you!

You'll find entertainment, art, culture and the best ambient. If you are coming for business of just pleasure, Tijuana will be the perfect host for your stay.


In this website you can find several events, where to eat, have fun, nightlife spots and useful information.

If you are planing to travel to this city, here you have information about accomodations, the best hotels, airlines with flights directly to Tijuana and much more.

Our warm and traditional hospitality will make you live unforgetable days.

Visit us, come, live Tijuana!


Cosmopolitan Tijuana

The fourth largest city in economic activity and number of population.



More than a century of important events.

Fiesta Brava

Is an important attraction of the city in the bullring by sea side.


Visitors Information

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What to Do

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Próximos Eventos

  • Polo polo Tijuana, 2011
  • Tributo a Bob Marley
  • One Night Tijuana, 2011
  • B-Side Players

Weather in Tijuana

°F| °C
Mostly Cloudy
Humidity: 88%
Wind: NW at 8 mph

42| 59
5| 15

42| 59
5| 15

33| 64
| 17

37| 60
2| 15

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